New Construction Inspection

A New Construction Inspection is an inspection on a home that has just been built, but before you are officially the owner. We follow the same stringent standards as if we were inspecting a previously owned home.

What are some of the things we’ve found in brand new homes? Here are some examples: furnace not working, scars on the roof from painting contractor ladders, missing appliances, sump pit pipes pointing up instead of down (water should be able to run into the sump pit), broken windows, windows that don’t open or close properly, ground wires not connected inside the electrical panel, doors that don’t latch, and many more.

It’s best to have your new home inspected before you occupy it, and before you own it, so that repairs can be made without disturbing you. They’ll also be done at a much higher priority than repairs after your purchase. Smaller items that a builder may balk at fixing will be fixed immediately just to get you to closing.

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