One Year Warranty Inspection

Every new home comes with a 12-month builders warranty. During that time the builder is required to repair any defects that are discovered. Many home owners don’t discover these problems until it’s too late.

Since the warranty expires after 12 months its a good idea to have a one-year warranty inspection during the 9th or 10th month that you own the home. This will give the builder plenty of time to make repairs and for you to test those repairs.

During a one-year warranty inspection we systematically move through the home (inside and out) testing and inspecting according to a stringent set of home inspection standards. Doors and windows are tested. Plumbing fixtures are tested and documented. Appliances are tested. The roof, foundation and walls are inspected. The electrical panel is opened and inspected. Furnaces, air conditioners and water heaters are inspected and tested. The inspection is very thorough and a report is generated for you to take to the builder to request repairs.

If you don’t have a one-year warranty inspection done after the warranty expires you will be the one paying for repairs.

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