Planning For Your Inspection

Compared to the entire process of buying a home the process getting your home inspected is a piece of cake. Nonetheless it’s a task that has to be done and understandably eating ice cream would be a lot more fun. However, this list of what you need to do should make it a bit easier.

You might want to use as a checklist, or “bookmark” this page to make sure you get every step. All are important.

Follow the links for more information:

    • Learn About Home Inspections
    • Decide on options, Radon Testing is a main option to decide on before scheduling
    • Order your inspection using the Order Form
    • Schedule your inspection

      You will need to call us (303-554-5840) to schedule your inspection. You may also contact us here

    • Contract – This is essential

      We need you to sign a contract for the inspection (This is not your contract with the seller). Please print it, read it, fill it out, initial it where appropriate, sign it and fax or email it back to us. Fax number and email are on the document. Your report will not be delivered without a signed contract.

    • Read our Policies

Our policies cover situations like cancellations, rain, snow, re-inspections, etc.

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