Push Button Lock Boxes

Push-Button Lock Boxes

You Don’t -Really- Need the Combo When You Leave!

by Martin Newmark

Push Button LockboxWhen you walk up to a showing and see one of these push-button lockboxes do you say to yourself: “I need to remember to keep the combo handy when I leave so I can put the key away.” Then, when it’s time to leave you pack up your stuff, walk to the front door and say “Uggg! I packed the combo”. Then you have to put down all your stuff, dig out combination, enter the combo, put the key in the box, pack up all your stuff, and then leave.

There’s an easier way! Re-enter the combination right after you’ve opened the front door when you arrive. Yes, enter the combo, remove the key from the box, open the door, re-enter the combo into the lockbox and set it down. This way when you leave the home the combo will already be entered into lockbox and all you’ll have to do is put the keys in the box, close the box, and be on your way.

Now, of course you need to make sure you don’t leave your paperwork with the combo inside the house. But, this is a trick I’ve been using to make it easier for me to get keys back into this type of lockbox (without putting down all my stuff) for awhile, and it works pretty well. I hope it works well for you too.

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