Winterized Home Plumbing Test

When a home is winterized, meaning the water supply is turned off and the pipes drained, we can’t test the plumbing system with water in it. We’d still like to know if there are any major problems (leaks) with the water supply lines though. 

Something we can do is a supply line pressure test. A supply line pressure test will determine if there are major leaks in the plumbing supply lines. To do this we attach an air compressor to the water supply lines to pressurize the lines. Once pressurized we monitor the pressure level and look for any reduction in pressure over a short period of time that suggests a leak in the system.

Sometimes, if the pipes have frozen with water in them, the supply lines won’t hold any pressure at all. This is because when water freezes, it expands. When the water expands, it can burst pipes. The burst often produces a gash (or gashes) in the pipe about an inch long. If this is the case we can often locate the general vicinity of the leak in the piping because the air rushing out of these gashes in the pipes is loud.

If you need a winterized home plumbing test, please call our office to schedule. We’ll take care of you.

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